Mec Auto, a passion for engineering, trusted by its clients 

From Europe to South Africa, Australia to the USA Mec Auto is your indispensable partner in the historic racing cars’ milieu.  

Since 1987 the Kupka brothers and their team have applied the most painstaking attention possible to the restoration and preparation of historic racing cars including Formula cars and Sports Prototypes dating from the 60s to the beginning of the 90s.

In their workshops and in the paddocks Stephan and Mike Kupka and their team prepare and carry out meticulous restoration of single-seaters: Marches, Chevrons, McLarens, Lotuses and Williams, and Group C sports prototypes like the beautiful Porsche 962s, and the fabulous 917s. And this is without mentioning all the marvellous cars that Mec Auto has restored to their former pristine state while ensuring performance and reliability.